“It’s the greatest story ever told. How the smallest voice turns meek to bold. We have the strength to rise above. Believe in hope and love.”

—Taken from Message of Hope. Lyrics by Kara Johnstad.


We apologize for the lack of blogging. Life has been crazy and so hard for the last seven months. We brought our second daughter, Eisley, home from China at the end of September 2015. She spent a week in the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (PCICU) and then we were finally HOME! Our time at home was filled with laughter, learning, and lots of love. It was also filled with challenges as we worked hard to help a scared child learn to trust and love us. The nights were long, and the days were short. We returned to the hospital in late December for a needed heart procedure. Sadly, that procedure led to 75+ days in the hospital, during which our sweet, brave girl endured complication after complication.

Despite the efforts of dozens of brilliant and caring medical professionals and thousands of prayers from faithful friends and family, our beautiful child passed away on March 12, 2016. I hope in the coming posts to share more of her story and what she taught us in her short time on earth. I chose today to launch this blog as it’s the one-year anniversary since I first saw her picture.

There are several songs that have stuck with me recently and struck a chord in the midst of all the sadness, turmoil and pain we’ve dealt with recently. One song in particular is fitting for this post—“My Story” by Big Daddy Weave. Here are some of the lyrics:

“If I told you my story,

You would hear hope that wouldn’t let go.

If I told you my story,

You would hear love that never gave up.

If I told you my story,

You would hear life but it wasn’t mine.

As I relate the details of Eisley’s life, it is my desire that you will hear hope, that you will see fierce love and how this love changes everything, and that ultimately mercy and love win. Thank you for lending some of your time to read more about our beautiful daughter’s life as we watch her story unfold, even beyond her time here on earth.


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